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Water Quiz

This quiz will test your water knowledge.
  1. How much of the water on earth is usable as fresh water?

  2. 10%

  3. How many glasses of tap water do Americans drink everyday?

  4. 10 million glasses
    One billion glasses
    One million glasses

  5. When dinosaurs were on the earth there was?

  6. Less water than there is now
    More water than there is now
    The same amount of water that there is now

  7. Drinking water sources can be contaminated by?

  8. oil and chemicals spilled on the ground
    Leaking landfills
    All of the Above

  9. The average home water use for each person in the United States is about?

  10. 100 gallons per day
    50 gallons per day
    20 gallons per day

  11. A dripping faucet can waste up to?

  12. 500 gallons per day
    1,000 gallons per day
    2,000 gallons per day

  13. One quart of oil spilled on the ground could contaminate up to?

  14. 10,000 gallons of water
    250,000 gallons of water
    100 gallons of water

  15. The first water pipes in the United States were made from

  16. Steel

  17. One gallon of water weighs how much?

  18. 8.34 pounds
    11.80 pounds
    2.25 pounds

  19. How much of the earth's surface is coverd with water?

  20. 3/4

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