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Clean Water Frog, or CW as he is known to his friends works hard to remind citizens how important it is to keep the water in our community clean and free from pollution.

CW was made possible by the generous contributions of National Cooperative Refinery Association, Roger Kampling Concrete, and McPherson BPU. These companies realize the importance of educating students and adults about the importance of preserving our water supply.

CW is a promoter of the Children’s Water Festival, an annual event held in the fall for McPherson County elementary aged children. The Festival is a day-long event that gives students an opportunity to participate in hands-on learning experiments and demonstrations illustrating how their actions can impact the earth’s water supply. Area business and industry support the Festival with financial contributions and presenters for the demonstrations include chemists, retired teachers, State Department of Health and Environment officials and other area agency representatives. The motto of the Festival is "All the water that will ever be is right now."

CW also welcomes the opportunity to appear at civic organizations, school functions and community events to spread the important message about the precious natural resource…water.






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